While implementing this concept, Sahyadri would strictly adhere to the following principles.

Forest conservation fund:

  • SNM plans to raise fund of Rs. 2 crore for forest conservation and related activities.
  • This “Forest Conservation Fund” will be used only towards forest conservation activities, additional land purchase under ‘My Jungle’ concept or repaying any loans raised for this program.
  • All contributions by new participants for this initiative would also be pooled to the same fund.


  • All donations from India we receive tax benefit under the section 80G.
  • Nature lovers can can participate in plantation and other ongoing conservation activities.
  • Modest accommodation will be arranged here for people participating in any of the on-going projects with prior permission.
  • Yearly audit of this project will be posted on website.
  • Committee of 7/9/11 participants will be appointed to participate in managing the project.

  • 90% of the land will only be used for the sole purpose of forest conservation. Keeping the local biodiversity and land form in mind, experts will select varieties of plants.
  • Around 5% land will be used for experiments and trials.
  • The remaining 5% will be used for forest generated products to make the program self-sustainable.
  • Local people will be involved in the conservation activities. They will be encouraged to retain land, expand the forest cover in their own terrains and generate revenue through tourism development as well. They will be trained for cultivating medicinal plants and some other plants like Gum Karaya. This would mainly be done in order to retain the forest cover on private estate and prevent deterioration by selling land for other activities.


  • Sahyadri will own this land. Active participation in conserving one acre of forest will be a member’s pride and inspiration for others.